CCC is a place where we share God's love through Actions, Words, and Hospitality. 

We believe that as you come to praise, worship, pray and fellowship with us, it is our (desire, or responsibility, or…) to pray that God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory,  Christ Jesus. Once more, we are people who struggle and are hurt as we face the daily pressures of life. We are also people who experience the life and joy of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We want nothing more than to have you join us as we seek, learn, and grow together in our spiritual walks with God. 

Weekly Worship Service (Matthew 18:20)

Meeting at our church building once every week, on a regular basis, we come together to share in God’s Word, to pray, and be in fellowship with one another as God’s family. This unique weekly gathering offers us the opportunity to strengthen our faith in Christ and our relationship with one another and connect with families, friends, and neighbors. Please see our alternatives during the pandemic.

Daily face to Face Outreach (Mark 16:15)

We seek to extend the gospel of Christ beyond the walls of the church. This practical, community-based outreach is devoted to investing the love of God in the lives of the people in our communities by reaching out to the: unsaved, homeless, rich, poor, weak, marginalized, destitute, hopeless, sick, incarcerated, on the street and at any corner. We seek to lead them to salvation, healing, hope, and freedom in Christ.

Monthly Thanksgiving Service (Ephesians 2:13-18)

Organized at the end of every month, our experiential joint service brings together all members of the CCC family to worship and celebrate God with ONE VOICE and ONE HEART. This monthly meeting also provides a platform for all members, visitors, and workers to meet each other, share together, strengthen the bond of unity in Christ Jesus, and use our grace, gifts, and talents for the edification of ourselves spiritually.